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Polecam is the most versatile professional camera crane on the market today. It can be operated from boats, poolside, stagefront and even behind the nets at Premiership football matches. It can be moved with relative ease whilst maintaining a solid base from which to operate a variety of cameras. I have seen many major developments since starting Polecam Operating in 2008 the most recent having been the ability to use the DJI Ronin MX stabilisation system giving rock-solid pictures in even quite extreme weather conditions.
Forager Films Ltd is based in the North West of England and is available UK -wide.

Tom Paterson is a well known Lighting Cameraman with 30+ years experience in British Television for the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Sky TV, BT, The Discovery Channel and the National Geographic Channel.
About Me


  • Eccles, Manchester M30, England, United Kingdom